Aero and Lin Lie are just two of a batch of Chinese characters making their debut in graphic novels last week. Co-authored by Marvel and NetEase, one of China's biggest online comic platforms, they are a clear push by Marvel to attract more fans across the lucrative Chinese market. We may even see them interacting with Marvel heroes like Hulk and Iron Man.



Lin Lie is th

e main protagonist in one of the new comics, which loosely translates as Warriors of Three Sovereigns. The story revolves around the 18-year-old boy who picks up an ancient sword to fight against Chiyou - a reincarnated villain intent on destroying mankind. The second comic, which translates to Cyclone, features Aero also known as Lei Ling - she's an architect by day, who happens to be able to control air currents. By night, she uses her superpowers to save her city from various villains.



There's no official confirmation, but if you look closely there's an Easter egg in the first issue of the Warriors of Three Sovereigns - a picture of Iron Man's mask can be seen in Lin Lie's room.



Marvel first announced last year that it would be working with NetEase - one of China's biggest gaming and tech companies - to create its first ever Chinese superheroes. Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski had then said to AFP that the superheroes would be "heavily based on Chinese culture and mythology, but set in the modern world". But it isn't just the superheroes that are Chinese. Artists and story writers from China were also heavily involved in bringing the creation to life.