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    “小姐姐” is defined as a female person, usually older than you, who’s somewhat mature but also young and cute at the same time. This concept is non-existent in English and therefore impossible to express without explaining in detail.


    Any translation you see is surely to some degree inaccurate. “Cute girl” or “hot chick” would be oversimplication, although you could use those if the context does not require you to be too accurate.


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    Traditionally, he could call her “Lady”, which literally means young girl from a respectable family. However this phrase has a much popular meaning of “prostitute” (and more terribly often means that of lower class), and shall no longer be used.


    “姑娘”/“小姑娘” or “女孩”/“女孩子”(“girl”)could be another possible usage, but lack of respect in Chinese culture, also a bit of alienation. Interestingly, I noticed that nowadays when refer to a girl, young female tend to use “姑娘” more, while young male tend to use “女孩子” more often, though there is no cle

    ar rule or explanation for this. I am not sure if this conclusion is correct. Also, the second phrase usually could not be used second personally, I mean face to face.