提起SHE,恐怕不少80、90后都会想起用好不容易攒起来的零花钱买磁带,听着《super star》和《不想长大》的年少时光吧?还有《中国话》、《波斯猫》、《美丽新世界》等等在当时都

提起SHE,恐怕不少80、90后都会想起用好不容易攒起来的零花钱买磁带,听着《super star》和《不想长大》的年少时光吧?还有《中国话》、《波斯猫》、《美丽新世界》等等在当时都是异常火爆的洗脑神曲啊!只要前奏一响起,副歌便能张口就来。毫无疑问,SHE早就是我们心里当之无愧的中国最强女团了。让我们跟着今天的日常英语资讯来看看她们的新歌吧。



In 2000, as students, Selina, Hebe and Ella became acquainted with one another when they participated in a singing competition held by a record company in Taiwan. Many years later, when talking about reasons for the competition, they marveled at the wonderful destiny. Selina is said to fulfill her younger sister's dream, Hebe to win the prize of $10,000, and Ella to buy a new sofa for her family.


In September 2001, S.H.E. announced their official debut. Their first album “Girls' Dormitory" has sold about 750,000 in Asia after release. The lead song "Less than Love" is still one of the most popular songs many people would like to sing in KTV.


After that, they continued to release popular albums such as “Wonderful New World”, “Super Star” and “Fantastic Journey”. In 2004, they ushered in the first World Tour Concert in their life. S.H.E's 10th album PLAY, released in May 2007, included the third hit song "Chinese", boldly trying to combine tongue twisters with hip-hop.

之后,她们继续推出了《美丽新世界》、《Super Star》、《奇幻旅程》等颇受欢迎的专辑。2004年,她们迎来了人生中第一场世界巡回演唱会。2007年5月S.H.E发布的第十张专辑《PLAY》,贡献了第三首大热歌曲《中国话》,大胆尝试将绕口令和嘻哈相结合。

In 2010, SHE announced that they would pursue solo careers but the group would not be disbanded.


Hebe still committed to her favorite singing career and released her first solo album “To Hebe” under her own name in September of the same year. Since then, singer Tian Fuzhen has slowly attracted public attention. In 2015, Her song “Little Happiness", the theme song of Taiwanese film "Our Times&q